Admissions Essays for High School Students

The college admissions essay is one of the most exciting and challenging writing assignments you will ever undertake.

You can do this!

I know because I have guided many, many students–all with a wide range of writing experience and skills–through this process. Yes, it can be frustrating (think sculpting with Jello in a hot room) but it can also be rewarding. You will come away not only with a great essay but with a deeper insight into your own strengths, academic and personal, and a toolbox full of new writing skills that you can draw on as you move into your college career.

Remember, everybody needs help with their writing, even professional writers rely on editors, colleagues, and trusted readers.

Helping you with a full range of admissions essays

  • The Common Application or other long form personal essays
  • The “Why” essay, as in “Why is this school a good fit for you?” The biggest challenges here are doing the research, knowing the school, knowing yourself, and explaining why this is such a great match.
  • The University of California Personal Insight Questions. The good news is that they don’t want bells and whistles. But getting the details right, choosing the best questions in order to avoid overlap and giving a full picture of your diverse strengths is where the work lies.
  • Stanford Essays. Even though many schools ask for multiple short essays in the 200-400 word range, Stanford’s little 250-word prompts pose their own special set of challenges.
  • Summer program, internship, and scholarship essays. Some of the most exciting programs available require personal essays similar to college admissions essays

Options for working together & cost

I will work with you to determine the best approach depending on your needs and budget. Our work together can include:

  • Individual meetings, both in-person or via Skype to get you started and help you through the key steps in developing of your essay.
  • Review of drafts, including editorial feedback, ideas for further development that will stretch you as a writer, grammar checks, and proofreading.
  • Ongoing contact via email or phone to address quick questions.

You can choose to work based on a hourly rate or use one of the packages below.

Hourly rate:

Base charge. $200 for a single hour and a half meeting plus an in-depth written review of one draft. This written review can take place before or after the meeting)  I will also field follow up questions, with up to two emails or phone calls included free of charge.

Ongoing charges. After this, the charge is $75 per hour for all meetings or essay review.

Package rates:

Common App essay from start to finish: $500 includes three hour-long meetings and review of four drafts.

UC Personal Insight Questions: $500 from start to finish. Includes three meetings and review of up to four drafts of each essay.

Common App & UC Personal Insight combined: $800, includes 5 meetings, and review of up to four drafts of each essay.

Common app, plus. $500 plus 1-5 additional short essays (400 words or less) charged at $150 per essay. Includes reviews of three drafts of each. (Does not include Stanford essays which are negotiated separately)

Contact me to schedule a free consultation or get started.